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"Everyone comes with baggage. Find someone who loves you enough to help you unpack." - Anonymous

Their Story

By: "Uncle Hat"

Friend, Cowboy Storyteller, Author

Ever wonder what happens when a Cowboy meets a Therapist? Several things come to mind. Let’s see . . . Clash of the Titans, Hiroshima. That was Randy and Malinda. Polar opposites yet two peas in a pod. The making of a beautiful and powerful relationship. I’m writing a brief story of their life to introduce you to the two behind Cor Lifemanship. Theirs’ is quite an interesting tale and one that will unfold as you get to know them. I’ll let them fill in the blanks later. As you continue on this journey you will find them quit transparent about their story. They may even surprise you with their vulnerability and authenticity. With that said, let me continue... Malinda is a small town Texas girl who couldn’t wait to escape to the big city. She has a passion for life bigger than Dallas. Bright, intelligent, educated and very easy on the eyes. She is quick and full of wit. I don’t know many who can stand toe to toe with her. Malinda is not afraid to put her heart out there. She is vulnerable yet tenacious and fearless when fighting for you. Her ability to be empathetic and help you get to your heart is unmatched. But she won’t let you be a victim either. In her loving way she may slap you upside the head and tell you to get your head out of your ass. (Actually she only does that to Randy.) But you can bet it will be because she cares about you and wants more for you. I don’t mean to paint her as perfect by any means. She has her “stuff” as we call it. But she is a fighter and when confronted with her stuff she will tackle it head on as well. One of the qualities I like best about Malinda is she is quick to admit when she is wrong. Malinda has a special way with people. Her genuineness and warm heartedness is evident to all who cross her path. She has a unique way of inviting you to open up and experience life--simply by being herself. She has a love for life that is contagious. Like all of us she has plenty of things she can blame her shortfalls on. Childhood, abandonment, rejection, hardships like having a husband of 26 years die way before his time. These are all stories for another time. The part you really need to know about Malinda is that she is very gifted in helping others experience break-through in their lives. Now let me tell you about Randy. Where should I start? Let’s see . . . he is suave and debonair. Most would laugh at that one; although he jokingly likes to say that about himself. Randy is a Cowboy; what else can I say. He has Cowboy thoughts, Cowboy ways and Cowboy words--leaving many scratching their heads at some of the things he says. Let me give you an example. “He’s busier than a bee in a tar bucket” or “that’s like eating soup with a fork” or “add a little water to the gravy better days are comin.” For some reason writing these sayings don’t have the same effect as when he says it. His long Texas draw and use of “old” words sounds a bit like he’s got a mouth full of cotton but it makes the sayings sound a whole lot better. Randy has a unique way of looking at life. It is generally viewed through the lens of having observed animals his whole life. He seems to have a sixth sense about him, what I call a “knowing.” Randy doesn’t have a formal education but he is certainly not uneducated. He is well studied, a gifted leader, entrepreneur and aspiring author. People just seem to follow Randy. He has a way of making people feel safe, like everything is going to be OK. I heard it said of him that he is the calm in the midst of a storm. Not easily rattled. Not to be mistaken for passive. Randy is anything but passive. He has very strong opinions and doesn’t mind sharing them. I would describe him as kind. He is a gentlemen. Randy tips his hat when encountering a female, opens the door for Malinda and pulls out her chair for her. He’s got a strong constitution that serves him well most of the time but make him a bit horsey (difficult) when you try and change his mind about something. Like Malinda, Randy loves life and is very passionate. Though I’ve seen him struggle with some pretty dark issues. He also has plenty of reason to get in his “stuff.” Being raised in a broken home, abused, feelings of abandonment, more than one failed marriage and financial ruin, left him with a very low opinion of himself. He comes from a family of fighters, though not always the healthy kind of fighting. But that fighting spirit has helped him overcome and begin to heal. What I see developing in him has the makings of a beautiful man. Not perfect, but humble, teachable and full of love and grace. Now about Cor Lifemanship. I’ll tell you what I know. Like I said, much of this is still unfolding and a work in progress, but what I have seen will benefit any who want to work it. Cor Lifemanship is a set of proven relational skills learned through working with horses. Horses have a unique gift to mirror back to you what you’re feeling. They respond to your energy or “stuff”. They don’t pretend or lie. They provide a beautiful picture of what is happening in your life. Randy’s years of training and working with horses and Malinda’s years of training and experience working with people as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC-TX; LPCC-NM) make for a rare combination that has given them an edge when dealing with intra-personal relationships. They have honed their skills in understanding the language a horse speaks. These skills have translated into a set of proven principles and when applied to human relationships have profound results. Relationships are key to families, business and government. The most successful of which have mastered the art of relationship. Whether they are working with individuals (children or adults) or groups of all sorts, Cor Lifemanship principles will benefit all relationships. As for the question I posed at the introduction to this little tale, I assure you this Cowboy and this therapist create quite an explosive team. When their heads come together, ideas fly. I could describe any number of irons in their fire but this one is forged straight out of their core. It’s what makes Randy, Randy and Malinda, Malinda. Horses and people. There’s so much of this “partnership” still unfolding and knowing these two they will continually be a work in progress. As you can tell I know these two well. I’ve watched their lives sometimes from a distance and sometimes close. They are the real deal! As their friend I’m staying tuned to what’s next in their lives. I invite you to as well.

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